What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are a beautiful addition to your home that can provide you and your family with unobstructed views of the outdoors. If you looking for a window for your home that is easy to open and close? A casement window might be the right option for you. Casement windows pivot outwards on hinges like a door, in a similar fashion to awning windows. The great advantage of casement windows is their ability to maximize and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your home. This is achieved by their unique 90° pivot stays, which open in such a way as to partially center the sash, thus capturing the breeze from any direction. They are ideal for hard to reach areas where one hand will effortlessly open and close the window. Bug screens are placed on the inside of the window which works great against the elements. Moreover, you don’t even need to touch or remove the screen for operation.


  • 2 ¾” of Frame face for modern and bolder look.
  • 1 1/4’ of space on outside of the nailing fin for better sealing and finishing. Our window sticks out from the rain screen and the finishing trim, that can provide you an edge for caulking all around the frame. However with competition, even less then an inch of space make your window site flushed or even behind then the trim around.
  • Wide edge at the glazing tape provides a more thermal barrier around the glass edge. Competition has a very thin plastic wall that results in lots of energy loss around the glass edge.

  • Outside Glazing – Our system has glass unit glowing in from outside for better seal against elements. However a typical inside glaze system has number of issues.
    – Adhesive tape is on the outside and due to weather change or if not applicate properly can cause a direct water leak on the side.
    – Inside glazing the sliding side of the frame is always exposed to the elements. Water always site behind the bug screens and that can develop mould.

  • Heavy Frame – Solid external wall for better structure and thermal barrier.

  • True Triple Glaze System – This system of our can take a glass unit with a total thickness of 13/8”.That mean a three panes of glass with two ½’ spacer bars. To get the best out of a triple glass unit there should a ½’ gap of Argon gas as the cavity plays a vital role in Thermal and Sound efficient windows. However, on the other hand if the overall glass cavity is not big enough and you will end up having a triple glaze unit with only a 3/16’ or a ½’ of gap between the two glass panes, and that would led to poor performing unit in terms of Thermal and Sound mitigation requirements. On the bigger glass units a very minimal gap between the two glass planes is not sufficient enough and cause them to almost tough each other in the center and cause a seal failure and condensation.

  • Strongest Hinge In The Industry – Our system can take one of the heaviest Hinge available in the market with a stack height of 5/8’. This is absolutely necessary when a customer ask for Triple glaze units especially on the bigger openable sashes. On the other hand most of the competition can only go up to half and inch thick hinge. This is a major reason why Enerstar Windows can confidently make big casement sash as big as 3’ X 7’ to meet very growing demand of the bigger pane windows with unmatched presence.

  • Solid T Bar – Check out the size of out T bar. This is an absolutely must for a bigger span windows to keep the windows structural integrity.
    – If you look at a cross section – It has a double wall all around the Steel reinforcement cavity. As it makes the mullion structurally stronger, it also make the mullion perform thermally better by making another layer or insulation around the steel.
    – This mullion takes five, five inch long screws to make a very strong joint with the frame.

  • Three Seals On The Sash – For creating a better barrier against the elements, this three seal system is very effective and a must do.

  • Multi Point Locking – If you choose a crank option on your handles then you would have a multi point locking system that engages at three to four points ( Depend upon the height of the sash ) creating a solid seal all around.

  • Crank Handles – As of this hardware is from Truth (One of the Best in North America). It comes in different colors as it is a must for the customer who choose different wood finish on the inside as well.
  • Balance Sash – We also do Balance Sash for the customer who likes to have a consistence look from the outside. It means that a fix side of the window would look exactly the same as the openable side. On the another hand for the customer who like to keep all in budget, Enerstar has a very similar looking glass stop for the fix hand side. This bolder looking frame goes all around the glass on the fix side and make is look very close to the openable side at no additional cost. So it’s a win win situation.

Benefits of Casement Windows

  • Casements windows are well suited to contemporary properties, as well as cottages
  • Casement windows can open to a 90-degree angle, the inside and outside can be easily and safely cleaned from the inside of your home.

  • Casement windows have a tighter seal than other window types, which makes them one of the most energy-efficient options available.
  • Child-friendly as the distance they open can be limited to prevent falls.
  • Casement windows are an ideal solution for home ventilation.

  • Casement windows provide the best possible seal against outside elements: The window’s locking mechanism secures it in three places to the frame. If you’re looking for ways to save energy in your home, a casement window might be your best and highest-performing solution.


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