Enerstar lift and slide doors are among the most versatile on the market. Unlike traditional sliding doors, our range utilises a lever system. When the opening handle is rotated through 180 degrees the entire door lifts up off its seals and glides along with ease. Operated by the door handle – this allows the sliding leaf to drop a to the closed position, compressing the weather-seals, and closing the door into locking points around the frame, for high security and draught-proofing. There is a secure ventilation position, and the door can also be lowered at any point along its track to prevent it from moving whilst open. When the door is lifted, the seals disengage with the frame allowing a smooth friction free operation – even on the largest doors. We offer a comprehensive range of lift & slide patio doors, in various configurations and finishes to suit your every need, coupled with the benefits of high security, low maintenance and superb insulation. Below is a complete list of further features that ensure our lift & slide patio doors are way ahead of any competitor out there.

  • Triple- point locking system for top security.
  • High quality corrosion resistant tandem wheels.
  • Slim frame for maximum glass area.

  • Height and width like never before.
  • Standard Low E Argon sealed units.
  • Unobstructed view for wide openings.


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