Two main kind of finishes applied to the windows frames in the home improvement industry are foil finishes and spray colored finishes, Both have a different technique and performance.

What is Foiling?

It is a form of laminate finish. It is available in wood textured form with unique grain patterns of the different wood species and also in modern metal coating finishes. Foiling is applied by a heat bonding process which fuses it to the surfaces of the PVC, creating a practically unbreakable finish.

What is Spraying (Paint)?

Spray coloring is the name given to a paint finish applied through the spraying process. Spray painting is quick, easy and relatively cheap to carry out in comparison of a foiling.

Now the question is which one is better

1. DURABILITY – When it comes to durability, foil finishes are lot better than paint .The heat bonding process melds the PVC and foil together in such a way to create a chemical bond that is practically unbreakable. However on the other side, the physical properties are not that strong, which leads to chipping and cracking with time. More over the thicker material has a very high
scratch resistance compare to paint.

2. LONG LASTING – Exterior foiled finish has a superb color retention even when exposed to beating sunlight in Arizona or Hurricane prone Florida or even in chilling temperatures of the North like Winnipeg. Foil actually has integrated sun protection with a textured and a transparent layer on top of it which is feasible between temperature range from 40 degrees to until 140 degrees.

3. Proven technique – As the competition is doing a sort of lobbing against foiling, just consider the fact that North America is the only place where people been paint PVC windows frames however the Foiling technical was originated in Europe in late 80’s and there are existing installations have been around for more than 40 years in Europe and 30 years in North America.

4. Care – Thanks to the fine structure, the film is much easier to clean than painted frames. Just a mild soap water would do it all for you. If provided care, this unmatchable finish has a life expectancy of over 30 years here in North America.


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