What are Tilt & Turn Windows?

Talk about functionality? – Providing both ventilation and ease of
access for cleaning, European Tilt & Turn technology provides an ideal solution for a common problem. Opening towards inside, the Tilt & Turn hinges from the bottom for ventilation and from the side (like an internal casement) for cleaning access. The multi-point locking provides excellent structural performance allowing its use in high wind cyclonic areas. The elegant, aesthetic appearance and bespoke functionalities are designed to suit the satisfaction of your architectural and decorative expectations. At EnerStar Windows, we offer a variety of customized features to suit any style and handle types.


  • Multi point locking system for better protection against forced entry.
  • S seal system for better water and infiltration protection.
  • Center main gasket provides highest performance when it comes to resist wind, water, cold and noise.
  • 6 chamber system for superior insulation.
  • Optional Triple glaze with overall glass thickness of 1 318″ for better insulation.
  • All German hardware installed for robust operation, adequate security and reliability.
  • Heavy frame with 1.8 mm wall thickness.


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