What are Slider Windows?

Slider Windows offer high performance in your new or renovated home. They offer outstanding thermal and acoustic protection, and a number of weather-resistant features provide comfort and extra protection from rain and wind. They also feature a continuous weather seal strip and sill inlay to assist with drainage. The height is adjustable, dual wheel roller system ensures continual smooth opening and closing actions and excellent durability. Recognizing the importance of weatherproofing, EnerStar Windows incorporates fully sealed corner joints (frame) and continuous weather seals (sashes).


  • 2 3/4” of Frame face for modern and bolder look.
  • Outside Glazing – Our system has glass unit going in from outside for better seal against elements. However, a typical inside glaze system has number of issues.
    A. Adhesive tape is on the outside and due to weather change or if not applicate properly can cause
    direct water leak on the side.
    B. Inside glazing the sliding side of the frame is always exposed to the elements. Water always site
    behind the bug screens and that can develop mould.
  • 1 ¼” of space on outside of the nailing fin for better sealing and finishing. Our window sticks out
    from the rain screen and the finishing trim, that can provide you an edge for caulking all around the
    frame. However with completion, even less an inch of space make your window site flushed or even
    behind then the trim around.
  • Bigger water drainage chamber – Our frame has one inch high water drainage chamber that make sure that it can holds lots of water before the weep hole cover opens for drainage and in no circumstances would let the inside chamber over flow. In case of the competition, the drainage chamber is so small that they can’t even put a weep hole cover as the cavity is so small and secondly, a small drainage chamber doesn’t build enough pressure for the water to go out and that results in a moisture build up on the inside.
  • Wide edge at a glazing tape provides a more thermal barrier around the glass edge. Competition has a very thin plastic wall that results in lots of energy loss around the glass edge.
  • Heavy Frame – Solid external wall for better structure and thermal barrier.
  • Double metal lock on all three feet and taller windows.
  • Night Lock can leave your window open up to 4”with peace of mind.
  • Anti Burglar stops – They work as ant lift blocks for the sliding sash in the open position. So that
    nobody and lift and take the sash out from outside.
  • Weep Hole Cover – Works as a direct barrier for window and rain and also stop insects to get inside and next during hot summer months. Most of the competition doesn’t have it. Bees and wasps nesting inside could be very dangerous for your family, present on inside and outside.
  • Custom Steel reinforcement in T-Bar and interlock Bar – Better structural support.
  • Solid Wheels under sash – All sash has two to three wheel assembly depending on the width. Each assembly has dual wheels with bigger diameter for the smooth opening and closing action with excellent durability.


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